Faster, smaller, and more ingenious

When it comes to the rankings of top folding bikes, the Brompton is in the premier league. It seems virtually impossible for a bicycle to fold any faster or smaller and therefore more ingeniously; Brompton does after all, have over 30 years of experience in folding bicycles.
In 1976 Andrew Ritchley was inspired by the BICKERTON Portable (see page 186), but he wanted to implement the idea more effectively. The patent specification shows a cross between the Bickerton and Le Petit Bi (see page 177). Another ten years passed before the first Brompton series model was produced, and then the story of its success began.
The Brompton essentially appealed to people travelling in the cities and beyond who had discovered the joys of using a folding bicycle to complement other forms of transport. Owing to its titanium rear swinging fork, seat post and fork, the Brompton S2L-X is also the lightweight model of the catalogue. Along with a few tuning components (cranks, handlebars, seat and pedals), the example featured (number 271515/PS6102) weighs a mere 8.9 kilograms. Once folded its size is 565x545x250 millimetres and its two-speed gear system makes it ideal for the city. Brompton bikes are designed and produced in London and then exported throughout the world – in particularly small boxes, of course.

2009, GBR
Frame: Steel varnished + Titanium
Bicycle gearing:
Brakes: Rim Side Pull / Rim Side Pull
Tyres: 16“ Wired Tyre / 16“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 19,62 lbs

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