Suspension, but not as we know it

In the early 1950s there were no smooth asphalt surfaces and few fine gravel cycle paths.The preoccupation, therefore, was how to create a comfortable ride, with suspension the key. The French company AFA tested springs made from fibreglass rings supported by a stem with integrated suspension.
As the saddle had no helpful springs and the downwardtilting handlebars were rather crude, the most obvious shock absorber that this bicycle had was its rider. It is the clarity of the general design, however, that is most noteworthy. Neat PYL brakes push the brake arm excentric against the rim, and the sleek pedals have no axles.

~1954, FRA
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 3
Brakes: Rim Center Pull / Rim Center Pull
Tyres: 26“ Wired Tyre / 26“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 29,1 lbs

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