Shiny happy cycle

The appearance of the chromeplated frame of the Raleigh Tourist bicycle lends it a promising air of lightness, but appearances can be deceptive and it is heavier on the road. On the other hand, the robust beautiful Tourist is perfect for family outings, with the gentlemen’s version boasting an integrated child seat. The batteries for the stationary lights are accommodated inside the channel of the seat tube, and the fully enclosed chain means that the bicycle can handle rough weather – highly appropriate as the Tourist originated in the United Kingdom.
Shortly after 1900 rod brakes, such as the ones on the Raleigh Tourist, became a national treasure, and the vast majority of bicycles in India still have them today.The Raleigh Tourist is also remarkable for the complete absence of aluminium. The slogan on the chain case, dating from before 1900, read ‘The All-Steel Bicycle’ – with steel an important by-product of the Industrial Revolution, this was something to be proud of. Today, however, the slogan is no longer used.

1973, GBR
Frame: Steel chromed
Bicycle gearing:
Brakes: Rim Rod Brake / Rim Rod Brake
Tyres: 28“ Wired Tyre (635) / 28“ Wired Tyre (635)
Weight: 46,08 lbs

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