MFA „Lambretta“

Like the grown-ups

Like the grown-ups, if the big, wide world wants to engage with children, then sometimes it has to make itself smaller-scale. This bicycle disguised as a motor scooter was the perfect ‘vehicle’ to catch children’s imagination. The MFA scooter bicycle was for children whose aspirations were much greater than their sense of balance.
Although the scooter-bike had MFA (Manufacture Francaise d’Ameublement – a company manufacturing different toys for children) written on the front, it was surely nicknamed something more obvious by its riders, from ‘Lambretta’ to ‘Vespa’. Whatever the name given to the MFA scooter bike, it was the only bike on which it was appropriate to make engine noises while riding. With this nod at the world of adults, the figure featured on the mudguard could keep up well. It is from the company Biemme and it was sold as a original 1960s mascot for a Vespa or Lambretta.

~1960, ??
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 1 Speed fixed
Brakes: /
Tyres: 12“ Solid Tyre / 12“ Solid Tyre
Weight: 22,71 lbs

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