The scooter that grows with its owner

The Dusika bicycle was designed to grow alongside its young owner. It could be ridden as a self-propelled scooter by small children, and later, as the child’s sense of balance improved, retooled into a more grown-up bicycle. The seat tube, seat, cranks and seat stays are all mounted to the frame as a single unit, with the chain generating the traction.
The bicycle is then ready to ride. Naturally, it can also be fitted with stabilizer wheels. The flexible Dusika scooter bicycle could have been the ideal gift for children relieving pressure on parents’ bank accounts. However, the scooter and retro-fit pedalling unit were actually so expensive that it often proved cheaper often to purchase a basic scooter followed by a separate bicycle years later.

~1960, AUT
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 1 Speed
Brakes: Tyre Brake / Coaster Brake
Tyres: 12“ Wired Tyre / 12“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 23,15 lbs

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