PEKA Steher

Leaning forwards

The World motor-paced Championships were staged for the last time in 1994. Their demise seems surprising, given the enthusiasm that led to this becoming the most popular form of cycling in the early 20th century. Today motor-paced – or ‘stayer’ – races have been mainly forgotten.
The bikes that excelled in stayer races were developed specifically to sit in the slipstream created by the heavy motorcycle in front. This meant on a Peka bicycle made by Peter Serier of the Peperkamp bicycle shop in Amsterdam (featured model is number 0222E38BDR 59) Reaching speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour, the ambitious Peka worked beautifully, and explains the 66-teeth front chain ring. It is impossible to start the bicycle because of its speed transformation, so help is needed. Once under way, the stayer must never leave the pacer’s slipstream and because of the 24-inch front wheel and the back curved fork, the stayer can get very closer to the pacer (the fork also provides better stability). If the stayer does get too close, a rear-mounted roller on the morotcycle prevents a fall.
The stability of the bike though was easily affected if a draft from a passing motorcycle caught the front disc wheel (at this time an expensive and ambitious innovation). Sadly these dangerous turbulences could only be avoided by returning to a more standard spoked wheel. It goes without saying that riding in the slipstream of a motorbike meant inhaling exhaust fumes, although this was not always the case in stayer races. In the past, stayers rode behind bicycles with several seats and, later, behind tandem electric motorbikes.

~1985, GER
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 1 Speed fixed
Brakes: /
Tyres: 24“ Tubular / 27“ Tubular
Weight: 24,25 lbs

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