3 RENSHO Moduelo RR

Lugs are functional despite their tendency to look like baroque meanderings. These slender webs brazed across the joined tubes increase stiffness at these potential weak points on a frame. The mark of a great frame-builder is an ability to reinforce to the maximum with the minimum of weight; hence the intense filing of lugs into filigree paterns. The builder of the 3Rensho frames is the master Japanese metalworker Yoshi Konno, who starting in the 1980s rapidly became one the best racing bike makers in the world. The lugs on his frames are extremely extended, but add the all-important stiffness to these legendary machines. Today he still lives and works in Abiko, outside Tokyo. The Modeulo RR/M was 3Rensho’s top model acclaimed for its lightness, strength and speed. At the time this machine was built there were six framebuilders employed at 3Rensho and the contemporary catalogue reports that they celebrated their profession ‘in a family atmosphere’. Like a family 3Rensho was open for business 365-days a year, and on Sundays the Tokyo area cycling enthusiasts would set off in groups at dawn, arriving in front of the 3Rensho premises to devote the day to their hobby: talking shop, bicycle details and share stories about great races they might have won on a 3Rensho! See also the time-trial bike from 3Rensho.

1988, JPN
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 2 X 6
Brakes: Rim, side pull / Rim, side pull
Tyres: 28“ Wired Tyre / 28“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 24,03 lbs

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