SKOOT Koffer-Rad

To have andto hold

This might look like a joke, but it is a serious product – a suitcase in the form of a bike, and vice versa. When the seat, wheels and handlebars are pulled out and the cranks attached the Skoot can go a short distance (watched by amused passers-by).
There is even room to carry a briefcase or laptop in the suitcase while riding. Carrying the bicycle stowed away in the suitcase over long distances is not really an option, as the Skoot weighs 14.5 kilograms. On public transport, however, it passes so convincingly as a piece of luggage that you don’t need to buy a bicycle ticket for it.
Designer Vincent Fallon and his son Vaughan founded the Skoot International company in Colchester, UK , to produce this bicycle. However, the Lustran plastic for the suitcaseshaped frame (also used for car dashboards and bumpers on account of its robustness) and the mudguards is produced by Bayer, the company based in Leverkusen in Germany.

2001, GBR
Frame: Plastic and steel
Bicycle gearing: 1 Speed
Brakes: Rim Side Pull / Rim Side Pull
Tyres: 12“ Wired Tyre / 12“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 31,97 lbs

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