MECACYCLE Turbo Bonanza

Not just split seat tubes

Raymond Creuset was known for his creativity even before establishing Mecacycle. He had worked as a trained mechanic for Mercier, then for a think tank specializing in solving complex technical problems before moving into the bicycle business at the beginning of the 1980s. Creuset bought Mecacycle, a rather unsuccessful bike factory in St. Etienne, the cycling capital of France, and the company quickly caused a sensation with its new design.
The ‘turbo’ frame featured the split seat tube (see also the RIGI Bici-Corta on page 146) and became the focus of public interest at the 1982 IFMA in Cologne.The Bonanza was just such a Mecacyle ‘turbo’. It was named after a Swiss bicycle dealer who sold Mecacycle frames and supplied a particular team of professionals. The handling was perfect and well balanced, even though the wheel base was kept short as a result of the split seat tube and the 26-inch front wheel.

~1985, FRA
Frame: Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 2x7
Brakes: Rim Center Pull / Rim Center Pull
Tyres: 26“ Tubular / 27“ Tubular
Weight: 24,25 lbs

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