BMW Super Tech

A name for the terrain

The features of the BMW Super-Tech mountain bike borrowed heavily from the car and motorbikes for which its German manufacturer was renowned. (See also the SUBARU 2WD Dual Power, page 46.) The telelever system (developed by HS Products and adopted by BM W) provided an anti-dive effect, so that the bike barely dipped forward at all when braking. As a result, the risk of the rider going over the handlebars was drastically reduced. On the other hand, the response was not as sensitive as with very good suspension forks.
The Super-Tech was truly revolutionary, however. It was a full-suspension folding bike, which made the journey to forests and mountains significantly easier for those wishing to drive there.
Incidentally, the aluminium frames of the mountain bicycles were produced in Bologna, Italy. When purchasing the bike, customers also receive detachable mudguards, lights, an air pump for the suspension elements, a good user manual and a repair manual. The model featured here is number 038322.

1997, GER
Frame: Aluminium and Steel varnished
Bicycle gearing: 3x9
Brakes: Rim V-Brake / Rim V-Brake
Tyres: 26“ Wired Tyre / 26“ Wired Tyre
Weight: 29,32 lbs

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